Work in Progress

A team of five and I have begun developing a solution to electrical spending via certain idling electronics. Our solution to this problem is to develop a remote USB power switch to turn these idling electronics completely off and cut down on people's electric bills. This project requires knowledge of electrical engineering and Python. 

Additionally, Professor Janin Darwiche of Santa Monica College is mentoring the group. Professor Darwiche plans to review any software we develop and also cross out any solutions that would be deemed impractical.

Update (2/1/2021): My capstone group and I have had several discussions about our project, discussing ways we could develop the mobile app that would accompany the USB hub. We also have begun purchasing materials for our project, beginning to design the earliest physical prototype of our solution. Finally, we have started analyzing our competitors such as the Echo dot and smart dimmer switches and saw the advantages that our product holds.


Update (3/5/2021): So far, my group is very close to beginning to develop the physical prototype of our project. We have begun purchasing materials for the USB hub and have started the Python code for our USB hub's Bluetooth and associated mobile app. In addition, we have updated and organized our research for our project and have spoken to our mentor about what other resources we could use. 

Elevator Pitch Link

Cost analysis Link
Annotated Prototype Design Sketch

Prototype CAD Model

Research Document

UCLA Research Internship

In 2021, I will be starting a research internship at UCLA regarding neuroscience and the migraine model. I will be posting updates on my blog about the internship. Stay tuned!