Jumpstart AP Chemistry Curriculum Development

For the Florida Helyx Initiative chapter, I built a 4-week AP Chemistry course with a partner where we attracted over 80 students to the course. Using an online curriculum development program called Lightning Learning (similar to Canvas), my partner and I developed notes, examples, and video tutorials on how to do certain complex problems in AP Chemistry ranging from equilibrium to intramolecular forces. I formatted all the notes with HTML/CSS and also created video demonstrations of concepts and examples. In 4 weeks, my partner and I had built a full-on course of AP Chemistry with formatted lectures, example problems, and video notes for each unit. 

Link to Course


Ethics in Engineering (PLTW DE)

For the ethics unit in my PLTW Digital Electronics course, I was required to make a presentation on a certain case study in engineering that broke certain ethical guidelines in engineering. I created a presentation on B.F. Goodrich and LTV and made published a video of my presentation.

Capstone Project: Automated USB Hub (USB Type-B)

For our Capstone project, we were able to create a prototype for our automated USB Hub. By plugging the USB Hub into a USB port, the ports turn on and power other USB inputs. 


Capstone Poster

Capstone Presentation